Forgiveness is a Rational Choice

Does the image of some person and what he or she has done to you remain ever present in your mind and heart?  In a sense, do you allow this person to live "rent free" inside of you?  I have done this.  As I go about my business each day, remembrances of past incidents and conversations about this person keep coming to mind.  I may be driving my car while doing some errands.  As I do all the things necessary to operate the car, my mind wanders from idea to idea, vision to vision,... and then a memory of a humiliating moment in my childhood intrudes. Sometimes, when these memories intrude, I even yell out loud some obscenity and, at the same time, I pound the steering wheel!

How silly is this?  Well, the event intruding into my present happened decades ago.  Yet, it is still with me.  It still controls me.  How might I gain control over it?  The answer is forgiveness.  Choosing to forgive.

But you say, "I can't forgive him."  You proclaim, "What he did to me was simply unpardonable." Well, you can't forgive him because you choose not to forgive him.  It may very well be
unpardonable, but still be forgivable.